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Eastside Sustainability Advisory Group
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"The redevelopment of Birmingham's Eastside provides a great opportunity for the City to take a lead in integrating sustainability into regeneration. We believe that this is of great economic, social, environmental and political significance."

The Eastside Sustainability Advisory Group aims to promote a comprehensive vision of Eastside as a regional demonstrator of sustainable development in practise, and to provide advice on Sustainable Development* best practise throughout the Eastside development.

Our membership consists representatives of 17 organisations and individuals with professional interest in Eastside.

In 2002 we collectively produced a document "Sustainable Eastside: A Vision for the Future" , which lays out a vision for how Eastside can be socially, environmentally and economically successful and responsible. This was funded by Birmingham City Council's Environmental Services department.

The Advisory group scrutinises Eastside proposals and encourages the implementation of sustainable development; encourages consultation with key stakeholders; and signposts environmental techniques and standards.

We work with the Sustainability Advisors to the Eastside development who are employed by Groundwork Birmingham and Solihull, and council representatives working on various aspects of the Eastside developments. We are currently advising on a Sustainability Action Plan for the Eastside development to be formally adopted by the City Council.

Many of us are based in small organisations, which are not funded to be involved in ESAG, but we do so because we understand how important it is that regeneration on such a scale as the Eastside development meets social, economic and environmental needs to a greater extent than the status quo would allow it.

*What we see as sustainable development

"Sustainable development" includes social, environmental and economic sustainability. This therefore includes issues of access, equity and social inclusion as well as environmental protection and economic wellbeing.

Information on the Sustainable Eastside project, run by a partnership of the City Council and Groundwork can be found here (external link).

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