A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the Warehouse’s 30th birthday party bringing their enthusiasm for Birmingham Friends of the Earth, photos of their time at the warehouse and in one person’s case, a fantastic simnel cake. Luckily it didn’t rain and whilst it was a bit nippy there was plenty of dancing and racing to keep everyone warm.
For me the reason for its success was down to the way people got involved both within the organisation and outside groups. For instance our neighbours Matt at BTCV offered  us use of his archway to create a stage area and donated the power to run it. Rev Chris Dowd opened up the Journey Metropolitan Community church as a chill out room and let us borrow his very nice new chairs.
The driving force within the warehouse came from the birthday committee namely Greg, Jenny, Surinder, Gareth and myself, Greg organised all the different bands to play on the day, built the stage, provided all the equipment  and was an absolute star especially as it turned out it was his birthday on 1st April as well! Surinder was incredibly positive and enthusiastic throughout the whole process  and kept the vision going, Gareth made bunting till it was coming out of his ears  and could now open his own bunting shop and Jenny was there to advise on risk assessments and other potential logistical nightmare. It was also great to have tenant support with Tina and John from the One Earth Shop offering much needed additions to the guest list and filling me in on the Warehouse who’s who history. Mirabel and the Warehouse Café provided food and a beautiful cake and Andrew and Adrian at Sprockets were on hand to answer cycling queries and provide bikes for those wanting to compete in the slow bike race.
Last but by no means least I was very grateful to those people who gladly volunteered on the day be it stewarding, selling raffle tickets, compering, interviewing guests or taking photos as a record of the event. All in all a day that showed the kindness and generosity of others and the strength of people’s commitment to Birmingham Friends of the Earth and the Warehouse
Tamsin Mosse