A Cafe / Restaurant Opportunity at The Warehouse, Birmingham.

The current owners of The Warehouse Cafe are moving on to pastures new and we are looking for someone else to take on the baton for vegetarian food in Birmingham. We have supported a vegetarian cafe in our building for over 20 years and we remain as committed now as we have ever been.

For everyone’s sakes we want to be sure that whoever takes over the cafe has the experience, resources and motivation to take it on, along with a vision of how to bring more people to enjoy sustainable food in Birmingham city centre. We have put together an expression of interest form below so you can demonstrate this to us, allowing Birmingham Friends of the Earth to find the best possible tenant for the premises. They need to be returned to phil@birminghamfoe.org.uk before the 28th February 2013.

Before you fill it in, we highly recommend that you come and visit us, so you can see the premises and discuss the possibilities. Contact Phil on 0121 632 6909 to book an appointment.
We look forward to working with you.



Telephone Number

Email Address

How will you fund the cafe for the first 3 months of operation?
As well as looking for an environmentally sustainable cafe, we are also looking for a financially sustainable one. We estimate that the total charge for rent, utilities and rates will be around £1,500 a month, although this will depend on what kind of cafe you run and what you require from Birmingham Friends of the Earth. As the first few months of operation tend to be the most unstable, we want to know if you are able to put down a deposit on the premises and if you are able to cashflow the first few months of trading e.g. stock, equipment, staff, insurance.

What are your plans for the cafe?
We would like to see a cafe that is successful as well as environmentally sustainable.  To get an idea of this, please tell us about;

  • Any existing cafes that are run along the same lines as the way you would like to run this one.
  • Which audiences you will market the cafe to in order to attract people in.
  • What food styles are you planning to serve.
  • What hours are you planning to open.
  • The proposed cafe’s unique selling point.

What business model will you choose?
We’re interested in the business model because your choice will reflect  your ethics, your ability to attract capital and the amount of risk your creditors are exposed to. Please tell us which model you are choosing and why you have made that decision. For example, you may be looking to become a Community Interest Company with limited liability in order to attract grant funding and to use trade surpluses to invest in your social goals or you may be looking to become a private limited company in order to attract capital from private investors.

  • If its a private business, will it be a Sole Trader, a Limited Company, or a Partnership?
  • If its a Registered Charity, is this incorporated or unincorporated?
  • If its a Co-operative, will it primarily serve its employees, its customers, or the wider community?
  • If its a Social Enterprise, who will appoint the Directors or Management Committee?
  • Is your business already trading, or is this a new-start venture?

Do you have the experience necessary to take on a cafe?
Running a cafe requires many different skills. We would like to know what experience you have of marketing, front of house service, kitchen service, business administration, managing people, contracts and finance. Where did you gain this experience, how can you demonstrate it and would you be happy for Birmingham Friends of the Earth asking for references to qualify it?

How will you staff the cafe?
What role do you see yourself playing in the cafe? For example: Will you be actively working in the kitchen, front of house or more of a hands off role? How many members of staff will you recruit and what roles will they play? Would the staff you employ adequately fill your own skills gaps? How will you manage the wage bill?

Why do you want to run a vegetarian cafe?
Birmingham Friends of the Earth is committed to creating positive environmental change and one of the ways that we do this by having a vegetarian cafe in our building. We want to know a little bit about you, your ethics and your sources of motivation.