In late 2014 we installed 16 solar panels on to our roof, then ran out of suitable roof space! Instead of stopping, we refurbished part of the roof with several shed-loads of insulation and slapped 16 more solar panels onto it. I’m happy to declare it a huge success. Not only is the roof keeping the cafe warmer in winter, but the solar panels on top of it are generating a lot of energy. 5431 kilowatt hours in the last year alone, that’s enough to keep 75 LED lightbulbs on for a year. In terms of carbon, that’s 2.44 tonnes, which is enough to fill Harborne swimming pool. Then there are the financial returns. It’s knocked about £650 off our electricity bill and paid us £800 in Feed In Tariff payments. Together that’s enough to buy us 10 more solar panels! Let’s hope the sun keeps shining down on us!