Much of the end of 2007 was spent tackling the financial aspect of Birmingham Friends of the Earth.

For instance some of the management committee attended a business planning away day to draw up some strategic objectives for 2007-10. We have also been looking at funding opportunities to help pay for internal improvements such as a better heating system and improved insulation as well as external maintenance such as replacing both the cottage and café roof. This is not as easy as it sounds as we don't always tick the right boxes in terms of funding criteria. This finds us frustrated at times and still very cold! I would therefore take this opportunity to reiterate that if anyone has any time, energy and ideas for fund-raising then please do contact me either by emailing or by phoning the Warehouse (see page 23).

On a more positive note, we start 2008 with a new Warehouse leaflet which gives a much needed contemporary picture of all the many things that now go on in the Warehouse. We have also printed a separate meeting room flyer to help promote this aspect of our business and hopefully increase visitors to the building, as well as revenue. Both items were designed for us by a brilliant volunteer, Tim Waltho, so a big thank you to him. A copy of each is enclosed in this newsletter and I would be grateful if you could spread the word and pass them on to anyone else who might be interested.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year.