How to Make Friends and Influence a City

Birmingham Friends of the Earth has a remarkable history of exceptional people who have come together to make Birmingham a cleaner, greener place to be. There are really good records of what we have done in Birmingham Central Library, which contains all of our Action Briefings and annual reports alongside some great pictures of the people involved. From those records we can work out who did what and how they did it, but we don’t really get an insight into why they did it.


Why did they get involved and what inspired them to create brilliant campaigns and start an environmental building in Birmingham?


If we can understand these questions, we may be able to use the answers to inspire future generations to do the same.


Our aim is to do this by writing a book covering major events in the history of Birmingham Friends of the Earth, interviewing those who were involved at the time and asking them why they did took part. To do this, we need to get in touch with those who have been involved over the last 40 years. If you have fond (or even not so fond) memories of campaigning or being in our building ‘The Warehouse’ then we really want to hear from you. Your memories could inspire someone else.


Email: Phil@BirminghamFoE.Org.UK

Phone: 0121 632 6909 and ask for Phil.