When it comes to variety, The Warehouse certainly ranks high amongst the ‘spices of life’ as I found out on my recent adventure into building management during Phil’s recent paternity leave!


It is true that no two days are ever the same, and there is always something happening to keep you on your toes, and often surprise you. It all started fairly innocently, with a day’s first aid training and a trickle of minor things to sort out, not too much of a problem – she said! After that the trickle of things became a flow, the heating, the computers, the phones and not to mention the winter monsoon – yes, even the poor photocopier had to be rescued from a drowning on that day!


Yes, it is a big undertaking that involves responsibility, such as organisation, DIY and even animal care!! However it has been great fun and I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped to make things run so smoothly.


One thing I have learnt over the years is that good people make for good organisations and Birmingham FoE has those in abundance. Teamwork is key to success, and the co-operation of dedicated staff, volunteers, tenants, and supporters all make a very real difference. This is certainly true of everyone I have worked with during my time here. Every bit of help and support will make a difference to the planet, on a local, national and international scale and I am looking forward to further achievements and success in 2012 for us all.


Finally, I have to say congratulations to Phil and Hannah on the birth of their baby, Douglas ‘Squiggle’ Burrowsby.! If I know Mr Burrows, our new trainee Squiggle will soon be inducted into his role and will be part of a great future at Birmingham FoE! Keep an eye on The Warehouse News………