West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have refocussed their priorities and have moved to a smaller office in the Warehouse, leaving their large office to 2 new tenants; Birmingham Council of Faiths and the West Midlands Faiths Forum.

Originally founded in 1974, Birmingham Council of Faiths’ objective is to promote knowledge and mutual understanding of the beliefs and practices of the city’s many religious faiths, sects and denominations. Its belief is that through greater understanding of each other, a more harmonious and cohesive society can be created.

In furtherance of the above BCF’s aims as stated in its constitution are to:

a) promote awareness of all faiths so that the followers of one faith may have a better understanding of the others;

b) maintain harmonious relations and promote dialogue between the followers of the different faiths within the city;

c) be alert to issues of peace, justice, equality and diversity and act as a public voice on matters of mutual concern to the followers of Birmingham’s different faiths;

d) interface with interested bodies in fulfilling these objectives.

BCF’s additional strategy, adopted early in 2007, is to act as an interfaith hub, networking between the diverse umbrella, inter- and multi-faith organisations in the city and to serve as a focal point for information about their activities.

The West Midlands Faiths Forum (WMFF) offers a unique opportunity for faith communities to share and learn from one another, whilst making a major contribution to regional policy-making. WMFF participates in a wide range of regional decision-making bodies and regularly consults with members to ensure faith perspectives are reflected in responses to regional and national policy initiatives. We encourage faith-based organisations and individuals with an interest in inter faith perspectives to become members and participate in the future development of the Forum.

There is a lot of cross over between our new and old tenants and we look forward to working with and around them in the coming years.