Simon and Susan are a couple that are passionate about healthy living and all natural food, this is reflected in their knowledge and love of all things superfoody!

Their new shop, ‘Natural Healthy Foods’, housed within the Friends of the Earth Warehouse, is a convenience store and meeting place for like-minded people, and anyone who may be interested in leading a health-conscious lifestyle.

In keeping with the theme of the shop of the last 30 years, it will remain completely vegan, though it has been refurbished, giving the little shop a new lease of life. This will allow customers to stock up on their old vegan favourites and find some new exciting stock, too.

Raw snacks, superfood powders, and vegan supplements are just a few of the items that can be found in the hundreds of new lines that have been added already. The new team are all very excited about the ability to shop online for all customers in the near future!

For all the long-time lovers of the vegan store, fresh vegan snacks will be provided every week, including all the old favourites, from chocolate muffins to Cornish pasties. There will be posts on Facebook whenever fresh deliveries come in.

On top of this, Natural Healthy Foods continues to add fresh exciting products including: new brands, like raw food from InSpiral; frozen treats, like ice cream from Booja Booja; Amy’s Kitchen burgers and Mac and Cheese; and smoothie ingredients like frozen kale and spinach. To top it all off, stocks will include amazing chocolate brands from the likes of Conscious Chocolate and Ananda’s!

The new team are very passionate about meeting the needs of the local community. All new stock ideas are welcome and the team will do their best to accommodate any interesting new lines or large orders that are requested; they love to hear new ideas and be introduced to new vegan ranges!

The new owners of the shop are excited to meet all existing and new customers and look forward to talking endlessly about food, veganism, health and diet. We are sure that their backgrounds in naturopathic nutrition with be of interest to everyone who comes through the door.

In the near future, the shop hopes to host tasting events for the customers and local community, as well as taking part in local food fairs and events. All information will be on their website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts!

Be sure to pop in, have a chat with the team and stock up on all new vegan treats!

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