Wolverhampton FoE is a long established group although we have reduced in active members. We campaign on many issues and the current focus is to ensure we have an environmentally friendly waste system.

Wolverhampton council set up a food waste collection service in 2011 at a cost of £600 thousand and was probably one of the first in the country. The council had a 5 year £2.3M grant from central government to do this and now that the grant money has dried up the service is to be terminated! The whole of the waste collection is being reduced due to central government cutbacks.

The council takes no responsibility for informing a very transient and multicultural community as to how to deal with their waste, contaminated recycling bins litter the local area and they are blind to this. Dumped fridge/freezers with their compressors removed are an eyesore as well as contributing to wider environmental problems.

The council has a responsibility to sort out this whole mess. The whole waste issue needs a complete overhaul and we are to begin a campaign to highlight  all of  the issues, this is not only about the now, it is also about the future.