Campaigns Meetings

We meet every Monday night (except bank holidays) at 7:15pm until 8:45pm in the meeting room of our building, The Warehouse (54-57 Allison Street, B55TH).  You can also join our meetings online on Zoom, just email and we will send you the joining link.

What we do at meetings can vary quite a bit, so if you’re coming for the first time, do get in touch to see what we’ve got planned, and we can also make sure there’s someone around to say hello.

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to campaigns, we’ll do our best to bring you up to speed during the meeting. Everyone who is involved in Birmingham Friends of the Earth started from a similar place – so you’re not alone!

General Meetings

These are when we catch-up on the issues and campaigns we work on. A good one for newcomers to come to. These meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and take place on Zoom.

Action Meetings

At these meetings we usually work on something specific related to one or more of our campaigns. This can include things like:

  • Planning campaigns.
  • Organising events.
  • Responding to consultations.
  • Writing to councillors or MPs.
  • Making campaign materials such as banners or props
  • Research

Training Meetings

If there’s some knowledge we want to brush-up, on or a particular skill we want to improve, we’ll have a skill-share so everyone can share their experiences and become more confident in a variety of campaigning skills.

Discussion Meetings

Sometimes we’ll set aside a meeting to look at an issue in-depth. These can be lead by a speaker or can just be a group discussion in the round.