On May the 5th, voters will be heading to the polls to vote for their next local councillor(s). Local government plays a crucial role in the fight against climate breakdown and Birmingham City Council has a massive role to play in this, from responsibilities over recycling to road schemes and home energy. Climate change may be a global problem but local solutions are important in helping to address this. 

We have been contacting candidates across Birmingham asking them if they will agree to our six demands:

  1. Do you support an ambitious recycling plan for council collected waste that will allow the incinerator to close by 2034? 
  2. Do you support making sure climate change is at the heart of council decisions and spending, prioritising the implementation of the Route to Zero plan? 
  3. Would you be willing to take a carbon literacy course to supplement your understanding of urgent measures the council could take to reduce CO2 emissions?
  4. Do you support the implementation of the Birmingham Transport Plan that prioritises reliable and well coordinated public transport and increased facilities for active travel?
  5. Will you support the council to be more ambitious in improving energy efficiency in council buildings and houses by having larger scale projects instead of smaller trials?
  6. Do you commit to engagement with your constituents by holding regular and frequent public ward meetings?

You can find out if your candidates have responded by clicking on your ward below. If you’re not sure which ward you live in, you can find out HERE. Please keep checking the web page as we will be updating this as responses come in.

It’s important for candidates to hear from people living in the ward they are standing for. We have created a Template letter to Birmingham City Council election candidates you can use, feel free to add to or change it.  

If you’re a candidate and haven’t received our survey then please email info@birminghamfoe.org.uk and we will send you a link to the survey.