Let’s Get Moving was our campaign in 2013 and 2014 to tackle Birmingham’s appalling air quality by investing more in active travel (walking & cycling), calling on Birmingham City Council at least £10 per person per year for at least 10 years.

The campaign gained lots of support from individuals and and groups from across the city, culminating in our petition hand-in to the Council in November 2014.

Although we’re not doing quite as much on air pollution this year, doesn’t mean we’ll be ignoring the issue. Check out the air quality page for more info on our continuing work on this area.

Cycling on the A38 Cycle Path

Shaz has a fantastic time cycling on the A38 Cycle Path. In a previous post I wrote about the campaigning journey from lobbying Birmingham City Council to create segregated cycle infrastructure, to the A38 and A34 cycle routes actually being created. I thought that it...

Widening of the Moseley Road

Widening of the Moseley Road

We have been occupied by plans of Transport for West Midlands to put in bus lanes along main roads. This could be helpful to speed up buses, but not if pedestrians and cyclists get a substantially worse deal, or local high streets are damaged. Moseley Road through...


Cars may be very convenient for millions of people, but they are hugely inconvenient in so many ways. Of course, the chief reason why we oppose cars is the damage that they cause to the environment: pollutants from car exhausts cause both immediate and long-term...