By Yolanda (Mom), Adam (9 yrs old) and Nelson (8 yrs old)

30 Days Wild is a campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to get in contact with nature during the 30 days of June; this is the 5th year we have joined in. Although we do spend a lot of time outdoors, it is indeed a challenge to find ways to connect with nature every single day. To do it, some forward planning was needed, we also had to slow down and be more willing to take the time to stop and observe our surroundings. We also did several things spontaneously just letting us being led by nature happening around us. It is always a very enjoyable experience and we finish the month being more aware of nature, by then we just notice it everywhere! Adam and Nelson are happy to share their experience in here.

What is 30 Days Wild?
A: 30 Days Wild is a month of experimenting and looking at and learning about wildlife.
N: 30 Days Wild is where people go to learn new things about the wild that they didn’t know before.

What did you do during 30 Days Wild?
A: I went to discover about moths and I got an ant formicarium and put some worker ants and got to see how they made tunnels. I also went to feed the ducks and saw little ducklings as they came past. I liked mulching and digging up the leaves at the Highbury Orchard, I felt like an ant worker picking up the dirt.
N: I went on a foraging trip with my mom and we saw a giant hogweed plant.

What was your favourite part?
A: When we went to Kings Norton Park and I showed my ant formicarium to people and talked to them about the process of an ant colony.
N: My favourite part was eating cherries in the foraging walk.

What else would you like to have done?
A: I wanted to have an ant colony with a queen.
N: Go to a community secret garden. Find more nature.

Was there anything you would like to carry on doing after?
A: Yes, I wanted to learn more about ants and what they find for food. Now I have a queen and she has laid a couple of eggs and a couple of nanitics which are the first generation of ants.
N: I would like to carry on feeding the ducks. I want to carry on doing whittling, to make tools, I got a new whittling knife for my birthday and I will make new and better tools.

Do you think other people should do it? Why?
A: I think people should do it because they will learn a lot about the wild and how everything works.
N: I feel like people should do 30 Days Wild because they will get more experience and will start learning new things that didn’t learn before.

Do you think 30 Days Wild is important? Why?
A: Yes, I think is important because it teaches people about nature and opens their eyes to all the hidden things and fantastic living things on this planet.
N: I think is important because you learn more things about the wild then we can help the world, from stopping litter and saving our planet. People can save the planet by using less fossil fuels.

Would you like to add anything else?
A: I think people will enjoy doing 30 Days Wild because you discover new things and get into nature. I felt great after we finished the challenge because I learnt so many new things with my mom and dad.
N:I want to do it every year because I can learn more and more about the outside world. It is fun.

Hope you enjoyed reading their answers and that you join in the 30 Days Wild challenge next year!