Tuesday the 4th of April was a very pleasant sunny day. I had planned to visit a friend I had not seen in a while who had just had a new born child. The friend also happened to be my second training mentor as I’m training for the Edinburgh Marathon. I have a lot to thank Joe Fisk for. He helped inspire me to train for this marathon. Because of the lovely weather I decided to cycle it. Luckily months earlier I had bought some cycling sunglasses just for this occasion.

I set off from where I live in Eastish Birmingham looking suitably pretentious (I was only missing lycra). I live on a big hill, which means that I immediately have a scary descent down towards the city centre. There was a gentle breeze, whilst the temperature remained warm. After I survived the potholes of my treacherous road, I cycled through the city centre joining the Rea Valley Route. As I approached Cannon Hill it dawned on me just how amazing this journey was. The cycle route mean I avoided most of the traffic, the temperature was cool, yet the sun was out to cover me in delicious rays.

I cycled through Cannon Hill onto the Pershore Road. At this point I was meant to switch over to the Bristol Road to get to the side of Selly Oak near Harborne, but I completely forgot, so I weaved my way through traffic on the Pershore Road. I had practically reached Cotteridge by the time I realised I was going in the wrong direction. I was having an unhealthy amount of fun to the extent that I had zoned out completely.

Fortunately for me I was standing virtually next to the canal. This meant I was able to join the canal, working my way back towards Selly Oak. The Canals were quite busy with other cyclists and walkers, which was a pleasant sight. Now that I was focussed on my journey I did not get lost a second time.

It was good to catch up with my old friend to discuss life and other such useless things. I even got to hold a baby without it crying immediately. Of course when the child did start crying I got to hand the baby back to his parents.

My return journey was also very enjoyable but considerably different.

The return voyage was straight down the Bristol Road (mostly on the road) then transitioning to the Pershore Road that takes me close to home. The pace was near my maximum as the Bristol Road is 40mph at points. As a cyclist I must try to obey the highway code and get as close to that speed as possible, although I did not get anywhere near that speed.

The entire journey was completed at a fast pace for me so that it helped build leg strength on top of improving my cardio. My right knee was a bit sore at the end but it seems ok now.

To conclude cycling is amazing, beyond amazing or other fancy adjectives. Last night was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I appreciate cycling all the more because I have only recently gained the ability to ride a bike. Most importantly I looked pretentious in my sunglasses. Next step lycra.