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The free UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme (ELP) will give you the knowledge, skills, networks and confidence to reach your leadership potential by planning and delivering an environmental campaign of your choice!


Last year, 40 environmental campaigners set out to make Brum a better place! FoE volunteer, Alice Grennan was part of the Bloomin’ Brum campaign, which received funding from Birmingham Civic Society to create a sustainable green space for a youth centre in Erdington. Follow them on Instagram @bloominbrum.

FemEco partnered with FoE to provide DIY cosmetic workshops to empower consumers to make informed choices and protect the environment at the same time! Read more on their blog: femecobrum.wordpress.com.


Maryam, a member of FemEco, had this to say about the programme:

“Having suffered from depression for multiple years, I was overly negative about my abilities and my capacity to influence change. I wanted to be shown that my view was pessimistic rather than realistic. Since I had so little belief in myself, sharing my opinion was daunting; however, [the accepting atmosphere of UpRising] encouraged me to challenge myself and face my fears. I was dreading the Dragons’ Den pitch because I didn’t feel that I could keep my nerves under control [long] enough to be able to deliver a speech. I feared that I would embarrass myself by trying, so I wanted to tap out! I spoke to my coach who provided me with some breathing techniques that I could use to regain control of my nerves. When it was my turn to give our speech, I felt much calmer than I had ever felt while presenting and was able to speak clearly and confidently. I would never have thought that something so simple could make such a difference! In the end, my group won the best presentation award, which made me so proud given the challenges I had overcome.

UpRising has taught me that if an idea is well planned and a group is committed to delivering on their goals, much can be achieved. I used to struggle to complete tasks because I couldn’t visualise the end or how to get there, but now I have learnt ways to stay focussed and motivated to achieve results. As well, I believe learning networking etiquette is vitally important for the professional landscape where networking can be a gateway to new opportunities.”

Would you recommend UpRising?

“Definitely yes! Not only will young people make valuable connections and learn about employment opportunities, they will also develop their confidence which will enhance their abilities to network and speak in public. This programme has taught me that my voice is relevant, and I can make it heard and affect change in my community.”

Apply today!

ELP runs fortnightly from October to July and offers free coaching & mentoring. All you need is a passion for the environment and a willingness to learn. There are 35 places. Apply by October 2 to claim your spot!