As we are well aware through our work on the Final Demand Campaign, rising fuel billsare stretching household finances and people are looking for ways tosave money on their energy bills. Supporter of our campaign, BirminghamCitizens Advice Bureau, is here to help.

They will give practical advice and help throughout BigEnergy Week (16-21 January 2012) to help people cut their fuel billsand get all the financial support they are entitled to. They willalso be putting on a special event at the Tyseley bureau on Thursday19 January (09:30-18:30). Staff will be on hand to help people reducetheir energy bills, and will be signposting those who qualify foradditional support and home improvements.
Financial InclusionManager Florence Betts said: “More andmore people are coming to us for advice on how to spend less on theirfuel bills. Through Big Energy Week we want to tell people that helpis at hand and that there are things they can do to cut their fuelbills.”
Birmingham CitizensAdvice Bureau is urging people to speak to their energy supplier tocheck that they’re getting the best deal and are on the cheapestpayment method – and to save energy by insulating your home – mostenergy companies are offering free and/or discounted insulation.
You could save moreby switching energy suppliers and an accredited switching website canhelp you do this.
Plus it’s important tocheck that you are getting all of the benefits and tax credits thatyou’re entitled to – as you could be missing out on money thatcould make it easier to pay your fuel bill.
You can pick up aleaflet with tips and advice on cutting your fuel bills at BirminghamCitizens Advice Bureau.
Big Energy Week is anadvice campaign coordinated by Citizens Advice to help consumersspend less on heating their home.
A new website –– is full of tips on how to cut your energy bills. And as part ofBig Energy Week there will be events up and down the country wherepeople can get practical advice on how they could spend less onheating their home.
We are also continuing to gather support for our campaign for a public enquiry into the power and influence of the ‘big six’ energy companies, to assess whether our current system is fit for purpose to deliver the clean, affordable and secure energy we need. You can sign the petition online here or on paper in the reception of our building.
Joe Peacock

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