Saturday the 5th of June was the first day of the three day Birmingham Climate Change Festival 2010. Centenary Square, in Birmingham, played host to the festival that offered a solar powered stage and circus, an ethical market and stalls offering information and tips on how to reduce emissions.
There were some fascinating stands and opportunities to meet people carrying out projects such as this
Birmingham Friends of the Earth were in attendance with a mini-version of the now popular monthly swap shop and an information stand. Passers by were invited to take part in a free competition offering the chance to win a home energy monitor, if they could guess the number of soy beans-not our favourite- in a jar. The estimates varied as wildly as our summer weather seems to be.
It seemed like the hottest, muggiest day we have had this year, but there was a good attendance of people passing through the festival throughout the day. Due to the efforts of everyone who volunteered, BFOE was able to highlight the importance of ‘fixing the food chain’, as well as other issues concerning transport and waste and recycling.
As the summer continues BFOE is always on the lookout for anybody interested in volunteering on stalls at events across the West Midlands. It is a great way to get some experience for your cv, learn something useful and have some fun! Email:
(Images courtesy of Paul Tyers)