Hello, welcome to the spring edition of our newsletter. Over the past few months we have been thinking about the year ahead and what campaigns BFoE should run. After two campaign planning days in February and March, we have decided our focus this year will be on air pollution, climate change, nature and waste, I’m sure other things will crop up throughout the year to!

There have been more changes at the Warehouse. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers we have now completed the renovations to top office. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has given up their time to help with the building work. We also have some new tenants in The Warehouse, take a look at Karen’s article to find out who they are.

Air Pollution

The focus of our air pollution campaigning this year, will be working with schools to tackle the high levels of pollution during school hours. At the time of writing we are working alongside Nelson Mandela Primary School to promote Walk to School Week. If you know a school which would like to work with us in tackling this air pollution crisis please get in touch with us.

The air pollution team has also been busy putting together our response to Birmingham City Council’s Clean Air Strategy. We will also been keeping an eye on the Clean Air Zone developments.

Climate Change

There has been a lot of climate action already this year. There have been three Youth Climate Strikes so far in Birmingham and the Climate Emergency motion will be going through Council in the next couple of months.

At the time of writing we are still planning our climate change campaign. As well as a priority climate change campaign calling for Birmingham City Council to take action, there will be a climate change element to all of our campaigns.


We have decided to widen the scope of our bee campaign to include all pollinators, and to raise awareness of the decline of insects. At the time of writing we are in the early stages of planning the campaign but I can confirm that we will be holding a nature themed event in Digbeth Community Garden on 20 July.

BFoE is a member of the Greener Birmingham Coalition. This year the coalition has launched a campaign called The Big Green Conversation, take a look at Kathy’s article to find out how you can join in.


We have been busy engaging with residents and businesses along the Dudley Road to highlight the negative impacts of the road widening proposals. Take a look at David’s article for more info.

At the start of the year Birmingham City Council launched a bus users survey and over 6,000 people responded. Read Martin’s article to find out more.


This year our Plastic Free Commonwealth Games campaign has evolved to include a food waste aspect. To find out what we have planned take a look at Jodie’s article.

How you can get involved

We always welcome new people and there are many different ways you can get involved with our campaigns. Whether you have an hour or two to spare or a whole day, please get in touch or come along to any of our weekly Monday meetings (contact and meeting details on the diary page).