Most of my life I did not notice the trees, the birds, the wind and the rain. However, spirituality, and my daily meditation routine, has brought me closer to my surroundings and the environment around me. To me they go hand in hand. I feel awake and alive to what is happening.

Meditation in its pure form, according to the Pantalji writings from India, is when your mind ideally ends up in a blank state not thinking or doing anything. To get to this state, a daily practice is recommended. I have been meditating for more than 10 years and feel more connected to the environment around me. I have also noticed a physical and mental change within me.

I got rid of my car more than 18 months ago, and travel everywhere by bike, walking or public transport. It hasn’t affected my work and in fact I feel happier , fitter and more connected to the people and the surroundings around me. I believe in leading by example, and putting action in words on how you lead your life. I believe from meditation and my spiritual attitude to life, I want and need to reduce my carbon footprint on the planet Earth. From being in a blank state you may get the answers yourself, and the signals can come to you on how to live naturally with the environment.

Overuse of technology and mobile phones have, to a certain extent made us more isolated from people and the environment around us. A balance needs to be reached. I feel that my mind and body are more sensitive to the environment and the things I use because of meditation. I keep my mobile phone and technology use to a bare minimum and have become vegetarian and teetotal.

In practical terms, I have reduced my consumption of all things, and keep my waste of things and food to a basic minimum.

To me, climate, environment and spirituality go together.

Written by Sanjive Mahandru