With refugee week approaching, we would like to highlight how these companies are forcing people to migrate from their homes.  

The term ‘climate refugees’ was coined to describe people who immigrate as a result of climate change. Whilst there are numerous risks associated with the climate crisis, a noticeable one is deforestation, which this campaign is hoping to reduce significantly. Companies who are more interested in profit than people or the environment often illegally deforest an area, regardless of whether they have permission to do so. This leads to those living in or near the area to be forced from their homes. This can be due to several reasons, including physical space, loss of jobs, food insecurity, water insecurity and loss of biodiversity. Once removed, groups often move to urban areas or to other countries in search of jobs, healthcare and food security. This is completely unjust – no one should be forcibly removed from their homes.  

Despite this, those who move countries due to climate change are not protected under international law, so the concept of ‘climate refugee’ is not actually acknowledged by governments. However, it is important to recognise that this is an issue and plays a big part in immigration.   

Refugee week focuses on providing people with a safe place to live and work so they don’t have to immigrate elsewhere. We all have a right to feel safe in our homes, which is not the case for those living in or near forests. So, let’s work together and put a stop to these unethical companies. You can do this by signing the petition, sending an email to your local MP asking them to sign the Decision Makers’ Pledge , and by drawing attention to the cause through social media.  

For more information regarding Refugee Week, follow this link: https://refugeeweek.org.uk/about/  

For more information regarding how you can take part in Refugee Week, follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-take-part-in-refugee-week-2023-registration-620883227447 

Written by, Sadie Tivey

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