In the garden during May, even though it was a dry month, we managed to get our watering system working. We have also added some more bird feeders to the garden which has attracted all kinds of birds including sparrows, blackbirds and an array of various tits and finches, all of which are definitely making their presence known as you walk around the garden! You can almost forget that you’re in a city centre garden as the sounds and atmosphere take you briefly away from the hustle and bustle of city life the other side of the fence.

The tadpoles are rapidly turning into froglets in our pond and there are plenty of them. As well as this the young birds are constantly in and out, taking advantage of the bird feeders. The bees from our 2 hives are as busy as always collecting pollen from our array of flowers and we even have a small nest of tree bumble bees occupying one of our bird boxes

The First Friday events during June and July went really well and there is another on the 4th August, so feel free to attend, either to lend a hand or just for a look around and chat.