August was a busy month at the Digbeth Community Garden. We had 2 National Citizen groups lending a hand. We have done some landscaping , mixing compost into our annual beds, improved our insect hotels and propagated some herb cuttings.
The runner beans are doing really well and for the first time this year our Greater Burdock is in flower.

Darren from Hives and Honey has been for the hive maintenance and has spun and processed some jars of Digbeth Bees honey for us.

After our last Digbeth first Friday of the summer, the garden is going to calm down as it hibernates for the winter. Right now the garden is swarming with froglets and they can be seen around the pond and hiding under logs and in the hedges. Once they have all vacated the large pond, we will be doing some maintenance on it. We have already added bog plants and soil to our smaller pond to create a bog garden.