We have had a busy time during the summer. As well as our routine monthly workdays, we held Digbeth First Friday parties each month (which we will be held until the clocks go back) and we have hosted another two groups of NCS (National Citizen Service) volunteers. We are pleased with our new outdoor kitchen area and have expanded the stage and seating area too.

This year has seen us get involved in a bit of outreach at the Meena Refugee Centre in Hockley, and with the Northfield Art Forum Garden. On 2nd June we hosted a Guerrilla Gardening Talk & Walk, which I’m pleased to say was a success.

Unfortunately, over Winter/Spring, one of the garden’s bee colonies died off due to the extremely cold temperatures we saw this year. However, the other colony is thriving, feeding on first the sallow pollen, then birch and all the flowers popping up, including flowering turnips, borage, bluebells and daffodils.

We are growing a lot more annual veg and salad this year so come along to volunteer days to take away a share of the produce. First Fridays have had a live drawing element so far this year, and the walls are slowly becoming colonised with both artwork and grape vines.

Our First Friday parties will be coming to an end for this year at the end of October. However we will continue to hold our monthly workdays (3rd Saturday of the month) so please come along and get involved.