We have been very productive in the garden over the last few months. We have cleared out a lot of junk and there seems to be a lot more space in there, even with the new hazel dome/steam lodge structure. Having erected some birch posts for a shelter and extended the brick paved area with the last lot of bricks from next doors renovation, we also began to plant up some hazel hedging and gooseberry bushes.

We have planted bulbs, grass seed and clover around the new trees and bushes. There is more landscaping and planting to be done around the pond area to get the place totally into shape and probably some woodworking and bench-making.

At the time of writing we are looking to sow a bit of carrot seed and and a few other annuals, but perhaps focusing on spring propagation of herbs and flowers around the stage area so it looks pretty for our first garden party of the year. Please come down and enjoy the place either for the workday or one of our First Friday parties, or preferably both, and get in touch if you have ideas for using the garden.