Our transport system needs to be bought into the 21st century, where prices are kept at an affordable level for all.
Trains should be running on time with fewer cancellations and maintenance to tracks done at a faster pace, which wouldn’t add any strain on our already failing train network.
There is a new proposal to have a national rail link which would link all major cities on a faster route, which should reduce journey times.
As tracks on the West Coast Main Line into London via Birmingham are being upgraded/repaired which has taken a few years to finish, this has caused major disruptions to our train services with cancellations, delays and even no trains in either direction being able to operate at all.
If all our tracks are to be upgraded to fit into this new faster train system, would this not cause even more huge disruptions to even more train services?
Poorly managed transport puts more and more people off using public transport, which means more people are taking to the roads each day, as they no longer feel that they can rely on a failing over crowded transport system with expensive not value for money ticket prices.
If we are to reduce our carbon emissions it is vitally important that all our public transport modes especially trains are running efficiently and effectively and prices kept at a fair rate as to not to tempt people to want to jump into a car as an alternative to using public transport.
Widening of motorways is not an answer to any of our transport solutions, neither is the building of bypasses, as all we would do is carry on widening motorway’s, building more bypasses and our countryside would be reduced to a shrunken landscape of mass junctions for cars, therefore we would still be left with never ending problems with public transport, more carbon being put into our atmosphere rather than being dramatically reduced.