It’s been a long time since this newsletter contained an update on the campaign to save Billesley Lane allotments, under threat from the landlords, Moseley Golf Club. The campaign has been in abeyance, waiting for the Club to see sense and understand, after numerous planning battles, that designated allotment land really is protected in planning law. No sign of seeing sense yet, rather, some very sad news prompts this update.

The leading light behind the allotments campaign (or ‘alittlements’ as he called them after the golf club claimed back some two-thirds of the site despite Council and plot-holders’ efforts) was Geoff Bainbridge. Geoff was also a hugely welcoming person and helped make the allotment community the special place it is. Diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Geoff died on 16th April. The celebration of his life was packed, with a strong allotments contingent. He will be greatly missed.

There are people you come across in campaigns who just have that persistent, witty, devious, rallying, fighting spirit that we’re sure is responsible for all unexpected campaign victories. Geoff was one of them. He hasn’t lived to see the victory happen, but we will certainly be trying to keep that “Che Bainbridge” spirit alive in his memory.

All welcome to the allotments’ Open Day on 30th June, and if you do Facebook, please ‘like’ the new Save Billesley Lane Allotments page.