Hi my name is Gilbert Sekelani, 

After I had completed my volunteering with a homeless charity based in Birmingham, I was referred to BFOE by my English and maths teacher. They thought it was good for me to continue doing voluntary work. They asked me what kind of volunteering I would like to do. I told them that I would be interested in volunteering with an organisation that campaigns for the environment with a focus on climate change.

They asked me why I had chosen this topic, I told them that the issue of climate and the environment was the most important issue at the moment. Almost everything that is happening on the planet now has something to do with climate change. With regards to the environment I told them for us to live a happy life we need an environment that is clean and can be able to sustain life.

They also wanted to know how much I knew about climate change and the environment. I did explain that I had read books and studied about the effects of climate change during my English and maths lessons. I also mentioned attending various protests in Birmingham about climate change.

From then I think they did see my interest in these two issues. So I was happy when they decided that BFOE was the best place for me.

I have learned about BFOE and I believe there is still more to learn. Being a volunteer here has improved my knowledge about various issues in Birmingham, around the country and the world as well.

The support I receive in the office has been very good and I appreciate it very much. I would like to see more people come to join us, so that they can experience this exciting journey with all of us here at BFOE. There is more to do and a lot to learn here at the warehouse.