Hi my name is Gilbert. I am a refugee from Zimbabwe. I came into contact with friends of the earth after one of my mentors suggested that I do volunteering.

I was anxious at first because I didn’t know what kind of volunteering I would do and because of me not having any experience working in an office environment. We discussed it for sometime then they did recommend that I go to BFoE.

I was still unsure of what I was going to do for BfoE. Everything seemed complicated,but because I knew that I had to do something meaningful with my time I was up for it. I Then got in touch with Libby and she explained to me about BfoE and gave me some reading material. That was in 2021.

Since then I have been helping in the office doing various computer tasks, but because I did not have any office experience I was leaning most of the things from Libby. Which I am grateful for. We have done a lot of work in the office, this is exciting because every time I visit the office iam leaning something new.

I have done a lot of campaigning on various issues before,including the environment, but since I was introduced to BfoE I have become more passionate about the environment and have realised they is more to do and to learn. I now feel part of the environmental movement.

I know that campaigning does not just end in the office. I am very much interested in reaching out to people in the local communities and beyond. After being to various community events where we had stalls. I was very pleased to see that people out there share our objectives for the environment and this is very encouraging.

With that said I would urge anyone who would like to do volunteering to get in touch with BfoE. You will receive a warm welcome like I did.