Maureen Kirkbright has been volunteering here for over 5 years, but today, sadly, was her last day, as she decided to retire from her role as membership secretary.

She’ll be very much missed for her sterling work making sure our financial supporters are kept up to date with what we’re doing and making sure they are reminded to send us money when needed.

She was a real pleasure to have around the office and we were very lucky to be one of the charities she chose to give her time to. A genuinely warm-hearted woman, you could always rely on her to turn up smiling no matter how dull the tasks she had to perform were.

Every charity like ours depends on people like Maureen and we hope that she will be back soon to help us celebrate 35 years in our building, The Warehouse, on April 1st along with a lot of the other volunteers who’ve helped make those 35 years so successful.

Here’s to amazing volunteers everywhere – thank you for the last 5 years, Maureen!

If you’d like to sign up as a member, you can do so here and we’ll have a new volunteer to process your details soon.

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