To anybody who didn’t watch the Great Climate Change Swindle program two weeks ago you may be thinking the title of todays blog relates to the meagre green budget. If you did watch the program though, it may have come as a suprise to you that anthropogenic climate change doesn’t actually exist. To anybody that reads the Canada Post, it will not have come as a suprise at all. For years we have been told that Climate Change isn’t happening, but very few people know why, and now thanks to a Marxist the light has been revealed to us, in the same way we were enlightened to get Breast Implants (I know i have mine).

Okay, this really kicked off in the media, there wasn’t a day last week when i wasn’t woken up in the morning by John Humphries (Today Program on Radio 4), talking about the Great Climate Change Swindle. One morning I believe it was the Producer of the program (Hamish Mykura) who woke me, proclaiming that the program was a mere polemic that represented the minority of scientists, although after trawling through the net, i couldn’t find any evidence of Channel 4 advertising it as such, nor any mention of its polemical status in the program. Instead i would refer to the programin the same way that one of its participants Carl Wunsch (Professor of Physical Oceanography, MIT) did;

“Channel 4 now says they were making a film in a series of “polemics”. There is nothing in the communication we had (much of it on the telephone or with the film crew on the day they were in Boston) that suggested they were making a film that was one-sided, anti-educational, and misleading. I took them at face value—clearly a great error. I knew I had no control over the actual content, but it never occurred to me that I was dealing with people who already had a reputation for distortion and exaggeration.”

The whole letter can be found here

Anyway, I thought this would be a great chance to put an overview out, giving you many of the debunkings of the debunking. I can’t tell you how sad it makes me hearing people at work telling me climate change doesn’t exist because of evidence put forward by old papers that have since been proven wrong by peer reviewed papers.

First up is the George Monbiot’s article in the Guardian yesterday (if you haven’t read his book yet, i can recommend it), i like the point about cherry-picking results, and feel like writing a paper on how i am the worlds greatest athlete. Hamish Mykura, has written a response to this in todays Guardian , i will write more on this at the weekend, when i have time to take a look at the papers cited.

Secondly, we are back to which is science news tastic, the particular article of relevance is Swindled!

This is a direct response to the program;

This is what the majority of climate change scientists believe about Solar Flaring (difficult to read, but worth it);

This is how to counter arguments about climate change;

And this is where the agenda should be;

The others are the articles published in the broadsheets, the Guardian here, the Independent here and the Times here.

So what can you do about it? Complain to these guys , seriously, the program was totally biased and irresponsible, in fact send this email to everyone that has watched this program.

Enjoy reading and/or complaining, and remember, next time you run a stall, you will most likely be asked these questions, do you have the rhetoric?

Phil Burrows