Yesterday I arrived at the Warehouse (BFoEs Building) to begin work supporting the faith ambassadors scheme. It was an unusual first day as it was not all that long ago that I worked here as the daytime campaigner. Luckily I already knew where to make tea and the route to the office, as the Warehouse was unusually quiet having temporarily lost many regulars to Glastonbury! (They are all safely back with us now)

In June 2006 Birmingham FoE along with the Environment Agency, Birmingham Sustainable Energy Partnership, Friends of the Earth and support from the City Council launched this project with a multi faith conference that was attended by over 100 people and many different faith communities were represented. We hoped back then that this project would be succesful and our hopes were soon realised. We received lots of postive feedback and it was clear that there was a demand to provide support for faith communities to take action.

The work has achieved success beyond all our initial expectations. With a successful speaker evening, introduction of the ambassadors scheme, the exhibition which continues to tour venues around the city, and the arrival of a full time employee (me) means we can look forward to scaling new heights; reaching out and supporting faith communites taking action to combat climate change.

I hope that that we will soon see the results of this work through the ambassadors ventures and that we can work to raise the profile of this work both within our city and beyond.

If you want to know more about thisproject or to get involved, please contact Maud at the Warehouse. Contact details available from the website.

Maud Grainger