September 22nd is a day when all over Europe cities are holding events to promote sustainable forms of transport and the benefits of streets being car-free.

Birmingham, as usual, is not, but never fear your inventive campaigners at Birmingham Friends of the Earth have come up with a plan to try and get it on the agenda. We have challenged the Birmingham Post’s Power 50 to participate on the day and not use their cars in order to show some leadership in the issue of environmental transport.

This has actually been well received by most and the responses from many of these influential people have been very positive. Unsurprisingly, the media have also been very interested in the story and the reaction of these high profile people to a challenge from environmentalists.

With three days to go before the day, there is still time for a few more to accept our challenge, so we won’t be publishing the full results until then.

The big hope is that it will get enough attention for the council to put on a proper event themselves next year and show a real commitment to providing an integrated public transport system for all the people of Birmingham to be able to get around without a car every day.