Thanks for all the people that came along to the first It’s a wrap crafting group, here is a selection of what was created:

Lots of people turned up with their sewing machines, including the C.O.W. Girls. I brought along a few items we could make including wine bag, draw string bags, a CD/DVD wrap and a furoshiki wraps.

My friend had donated some fascinators, which distracted the everyone at first, as you can see!

I then demonstrated the different wraps (did feel a bit like a person on QVC or one of those stalls at the market that demonstrate the veg cutting devices and someone did shout out “Do we get a free knife if we watch it all the way through!)

And then we all dived in to chose our material and get going.

We also had some lovely cakes and flapjacks to help us along the way.

So please come along to our next It’s a wrap group, which will be a drop in from 6.00 pm onwards:

  • 23rd November
  • 14th December

And at the Christmas Market in Moseley CDT on 19th December all you lovely peeps will be able to buy the “It’s a wrap” produce.

Hopefully see you soon!