‘It’s the economy, stupid!’. That slogan served Bill Clinton well in his 1992 presidential campaign – and it still applies … although green thinkers might have a different idea to Clinton’s about what makes a healthy economy.

We could point out all sorts of changes that would make our economic rules more useful to ‘people & planet’ : on taxation, regulation, employment, wages, benefits, localisation, fairtrade …etc.

While those ‘big themes’ can be a bit daunting, by working collectively we can keep up the pressure for change … and meanwhile there’s been an increasing awareness that as individual ‘consumers’ in the ‘marketplace’ we can use our spending power and choose local / organic / fairtrade / cooperative, etc. In our busy lives though, it can be easy not to get round to a simple step we can take which would make a big difference : choosing better personal banking and finances. By, for example, switching bank, it means you are ‘making your money work for you’ round the clock towards making the world a better place. And ‘ethical’ finance is no longer a complete ‘fringe’ activity. Some of the best performing institutions are also the most ethical (now why are we not surprised?), and there are now plenty of options to choose from.

It’s always worth getting tips from an independent financial adviser, but for starters, you could consider :

1) Switching your bank account to the Co-operative bank (or Smile, their internet bank) or similar.

2) If you’re thinking about savings or other ‘products’ another option is things like Triodos Bank – to get an idea of how these types of bank work differently/greener, have a look at


Switching my own finances has definitely been a good decision – so if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? (Imagine if we all did it?!)

Happy banking

Aldo Mussi

Parting thought :
If we want to win the lottery, are we losing it? :o)