Trees are beautiful, valued, sacred and necessary to the earth and to us, when we live in a city such as ours it can be even more important to value them.

To encourage such pride in our environment, our parks and our trees we held a Tree Planting Ceremony in Small Heath Park.

We braved the cold, but soon warmed up whilst planting 6 lime trees. Afterward we drank some warm spiced apple drink and listened to Muhammad Imran and Reverend Ray Gaston speak on the importance Trees have played / play in religion.

I loved being in Small Heath Park, it felt important to be there, not just because we were planting trees but to celebrate the parks and green spaces that our city does have. The Tree Officer from Birmingham City Council stressed to us that the biggest threat to these new trees is vandalism. I can only hope that the more we do in marking the significance of the trees and celebrating them that this message will spread throughout the community.

This event is part of a larger project of work focusing on supporting faith communities in the city in environmental initiatives; connecting faith and the environment. If you would like more information on this work then please contact Maud on

This day was supported by Friends of Small Heath Park, Midlands Islamic Network for the Environment, Birmingham City Council and Friends of the Earth Birmingham.

Maud Grainger
Faith and Climate Change Project Coordinator