Peel & Stone is a bakery in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter known for its freshly baked ‘Real Bread’. They also sells a good range of gourmet sandwiches made with their bread and some other lunch food and baked cakes and sweet treats, all to take away.

I took a trip to Peel & Stone on a Monday lunchtime, which is also their ‘Meat Free Monday’ day, when there is a larger range of vegetarian options available, especially sandwiches. They also do a nice offer on Mondays; you get a free cake with every vegetarian sandwich.

I opted for an Israeli hummus and tabbouleh sandwich, which was really rather substantial and filling. Their sandwiches are all quite sizable and are made with Peel & Stone’s fresh bread and some really quality ingredients, but that does make the food quite pricey, at £4.50 for a veggie sandwich. You can also add a tasty side salad to any sandwich for £1, which I did. My free cake was a chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnut tart, and was very sweet and tasty.

I’ve been to Peel & Stone quite a few times before, and they also make a nice vegetarian lasagne on a Friday lunchtime. From previous experience, a couple of things to note are that it gets very busy at lunchtime and they only make a limited number of each sandwich per day, so get there early to get yourself the full range of choice. Also, make sure they’ve given you the correct sandwich, as they are all together on the counter and unlabelled, so you’re reliant on the staff remembering which one is which.

Overall I’d really recommend Peel & Stone as a place to get your takeaway lunch from, especially if you’re a lover of good bread. Monday lunch is a great time to go, with the free cake with your veggie sandwich being good value.

Ben Mabbet

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