My name is Sylwia

I came to Birmingham for a student internship as part of the Erasmus+ program.

During my internship at Birmingham Friends of Earth, I was involved in various projects. Within two months, I was designing computer graphics and making posters. I took care of social media, especially Instagram, did some research and wrote articles. I took part in volunteer meetings, we exchanged ideas and devised a strategy. I had the opportunity to co-facilitate workshops at the university as well as take part in the official submission of our petition to Birmingham City Council.

The internship at the organisation was really diverse and I never felt forced to do something I didn’t like or felt uncomfortable with. I worked from the office as well as from home.

The time I spent interning at the Birmingham Friends of Earth was wonderful. During these two months, I learned new skills, met new people, improved my language skills and self-confidence. I visited many beautiful places in Birmingham. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely stay longer.