In the last few months I have decided to increase my support for environmental issues beyond being an armchair supporter,(mind you even that’s second hand so I’m trying) and have started attending Friends of the Earth meetings and getting involved with campaigns and events. Something I hadn’t reckoned on as part of my Foe participation was the overwhelming volume of emails I would receive and whilst making me feel quite popular my inbox is feeling the strain. One email was about a transport survey by Transport 2000 which I decided to take the time to fill in. I am sometimes a bit reticent to fill in endless surveys, questionnaires and petitions when I never seem to find out the outcomes of these , but as my husbands bike had been stolen from our local train station I had an axe to grind. Especially as in the words of a high street bank advert he was told “it doesn’t work like that” when he asked if the CCTV footage of the “secure ” bike facilities where his bike had been kept would be viewed. Ooh it still rankles can you tell. Anyhow back to the point. On Friday morning I was eating my museli and reading the Walsall Chronicle when would you believe my comments were listed on the front page under the headline “Station Listed Amongst Worst.” Ok my description was “One woman said” , but I know its me, and how exciting to know that all this information we give actually goes somewhere. So does this mean I’ll be more receptive to those clipboard wielding types on the high street hmmm maybe just maybe as long as: it isn’t raining, my bags aren’t too heavy, I’m not running late for work.

Sarah Wiley