Last week there was another depressing wildlife programme about the destruction of the once paradise islands of Hawaii. The most worrying thing however was what was floating in the seas around the islands. It was found that thousands of young albatrosses were dying because a large part of their diet was plastic. There was a display laid out on a beach of the plastic objects found in the stomachs of dead baby albatrosses – i cant remmber all of them but there were 50+ plastic lighters, hundreds of plastic utensils, plastic toys and all sorts of flotsam of our disposable culture. there is a very real chance that plastic alone could cause the extinction of that particular species.
Meanwhile in the playing field next to my house, every weekend i pick up the left overs from the football games and teen drinking binges. i clean a small area behind one football net and often collect 50+ bottles 20+ cans and a variety of less recyclable detritis. Its not as if there aren’t solutions like bins…(duuurr!) but surely making all drink containers returnable is the answer – because even if the serial litterers cant be arsed, there is an army of small kids and sad old gits like me who could make a small fortune collecting and returning bottles and tins; and they go straight back to the maufacturer via the retailer (if you can go straight back somewhere via somewhere else that is..!)
Anyway whatever gets your goat dont just get angry, get active!

nigel baker