By Alice Minal

As I am growing up I have been taught to share and be nice by adults – but lately I have noticed that they are not doing the same.

I live by a beach. I share the beach with sea birds, creatures, people who live here and tourists. I can see the rubbish, plastic and dirty ropes that people have left there. This is very upsetting because when you think about it you realise how much it all harms our environment. For Christmas we adopted a turtle for Daddy, he called him Cookie. Our money goes towards keeping the Cookies in the ocean safe. My teacher told us the amount of plastic we use each year weighs more than 550,000 elephants. I don’t know if that’s true but I find it very worrying. How can the Cookies be safe with all that plastic in there?

Daddy has a sticker about fracking. I thought it was a new band but he explained to me what it was and I think we need more grown ups to explain to us what’s going to happen with our world.

Somewhere else I like to share is my garden. At home we grew cabbages, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes -but the rats ate them. So, we moved them to somewhere the rats couldn’t get them. The next day we looked at them and we realised there were cabbage white butterfly eggs under the leaves. So if the rats don’t get the vegetables the caterpillars will. Mom says that’s ok because we like to share.