It’s Spring again! Although with early daffodils blooming everywhere, you could be forgiven for thinking that spring had already arrived back in January. We’ll be kicking off our garden activities on Friday 1st April, with the Real Junk Food Project at Digbeth First Friday. We hope to host this event every month throughout the summer.

Recent work in the garden has included making a new brick stage area, thinning out some of the birch trees in the wildlife area, and organising composting systems. A crop or two of purple sprouting broccoli and an elephant garlic have already started growing, and we also managed to get some peas planted. Some mallow has appeared in the wildflower bed, and it shouldn’t be too long before the bluebells and buddleia come into bloom once again. The wood sorrel and corncockle are also ready to grow, and on the last workday, a foraging chef popped into the garden to pick up some jelly ear fungus!

After last year’s frog success, we are hoping to see a lot more tadpoles this year. There should be plenty for them to eat by now, as the pond provides some great habitat for all sorts of bugs amongst the reeds, water mint and oxygen weed.

The raised beds include three varieties of strawberries, five varieties of mint, sage, rosemary, oregano, curry plant, alexanders, thyme, winter savory, perpetual spinach, cardoon, fennel, pineapple sage, red valerian, greater burdock, parcel, feverfew, tansy and Jerusalem artichoke. We also have four fruit trees and a kiwi plant that are ready to burst into life this spring. After a year to establish themselves, all these perennials should be ready to come out of dormancy very soon.

The Digbeth community garden is open every 3rd Saturday of the month, but anyone with time, plants, materials, ideas or inspiration to donate can contact us at:

@DigbethGarden on twitter

Digbeth Community Garden on facebook