Last Sunday Jake Adam and myself went to Aston University’s fresher fair to try to recruit some new members. At Conference I took part in Young Foe and was encouraged enough to think that ventures to younger groups could prove fruitful.

When we arrived it turned out the event as in the Sports Centre above the swimming pool, which was quite odd to walk on. We set up the stall with Victoria from Aston University’s Environmental team who were very generous in offering us a place at the Fresher’s Fair.

We managed to talk to quite few students at our stall, and they were quite receptive to our message.  A sad reflection of the current economic situation is that it is very hard to get a job without experience, so a good degree might well not be enough. Birmingham FoE can help with this by offering students some high level experience in things such writing policy responses and campaigning. I also pushed the comedy gig (obviously) and the Clean British Energy campaign.

Whilst I was talking to students on the stall, Jake and Adam networked with other student societies. We discussed our message and how organisations could work alongside Birmingham Foe. The contacts were at early stages but some exciting events could occur like a debate with the Model UN and an interview with the Student Newspaper/Magazine.

Overall the event can be deemed a success. We made some good contacts and spread the message of Birmingham FoE to a new generation of potential campaigners.