I’m Jodie, a BFoE volunteer. Myself and another volunteer did a stall on 3rd June at ‘ValeFest’, a student-run charity music festival held at University of Birmingham. This was my first time doing a BFoE stall and it was a great experience. It was really good to know that the students had chosen BFoE as one of the charities to invite and to see this reflected in how interested lots of them were in our campaigns. I enjoyed talking about our work. The conversations I had were mostly about the Bee Cause and the Climate Refugee Campaign launch film night. It was also great to see quite a few people interested in volunteering with us.

It felt amazing to have spread and shared my passion outside of the group and to have played a part in trying to expand it. Before the stall I was quite nervous about how it would go and if I would have enough knowledge of the campaigns. Once I was there I quickly relaxed as I realised that the information people wanted about the campaigns wasn’t very in depth. I realised that although I doubted whether I knew what I was talking about nobody else seemed to!

If you would like to join our stalls team please email me on jodie@birminghamfoe.org.uk