Several months ago I was sad to hear that one of our members, Ted Duke had passed away. I never met him in person, but had spoken to him several times on the phone. Ted was one of our long established members, who would contact us much more often than most. He would phone us to tell us about a particular news item he’d seen, or an article he’d read. He was that rare thing in the modern internet age, a financial supporter with whom we had a more personal relationship.

One of my abiding memories of Ted, was when he rang up to discuss the new Birmingham Mobility Action Plan that Birmingham City Council had just launched in November 2013. He congratulated our years of campaigning, which he argued had produced the shift we were now seeing in this new plan.

Earlier this month, we received a cheque for £3,500 from his estate. We were bowled over by his generosity. For me, what was remarkable was not the amount of money he left, but that he clearly valued his remote involvement so much he felt he wanted to leave something to us. So, thanks Ted, it means a lot.