‘Travel Diaries From Around Birmingham’

Siobhan Dytham- Train and walking

It takes about 15 minuets to walk from my house to New Street train station. I walk to the Victoria Square entrance because it is the nearest to my house. Today (28/01/13) there wasn’t anyone to buy a ticket from and there is no ticket machine, which meant I had to walk round to the front of the station. My train was pulling away form the platform by the time I arrived and I had to wait for the next train. I don’t understand why there isn’t a ticket machine at the Victoria Square entrance of the station because when there isn’t anyone to buy a ticket from it makes me late and annoyed!

I got onto the train and realised that it was one of the trains without any tables, which means it is much more difficult to work, so I used this as an excuse not to do any work and listened to music instead! This was enjoyable but since one of my main reasons for getting the train instead of driving is that I can work, not particularly helpful! 

When I arrived at Canley I got off the train and walked for about 20 minutes to Warwick University. I could have stayed on the train until the next station, Coventry, and caught a bus to the university, but I prefer to walk because it is the only exercise I get! Also, I dislike getting the bus because it is slow, crowded and would cost more than walking. 

After a long morning at university, I walked to Canley train station to catch the train home! My train was delayed 3 minutes but this didn’t bother me because it was only a little late. Despite my irritating journey to university I enjoyed my journey home because the train had tables so I was able to do some work and it was heated.

In general I enjoy my journey to university, however it does take much longer than it would to drive, therefore it is important to me that the service continues to run regularly, the trains are suitable for me to work on and the tickets do not become more expensive, otherwise I will drive.

‘Travel Diaries From Around Birmingham’