How long have you been with BFOE?

I’ve been working with bfoe for around 12 months.

What do you do at BFOE?

I’m very hands on so I’ve been involved in maintenance around the Warehouse whilst the building work has been going on. I also do a lot of crafts and artwork. The Elan Valley working model I made, was used at a Small Footsteps event to demonstrate where Birminghams water comes from. I will be leading on some of BFoE nature campaigns in the near future.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?

I would say the most important issues we face right now is air pollution. We have been campaigning hard on this recently and there is plenty more to come!

Another issue I feel is really important is the decline in the UK’s bee population. We need to look after our bee colonies as they pollinate a huge percentage of the food we eat, not to mention our wild flowers. To help stop the decline we need a total ban on neonic pesticides used on crops.

What’s your best green tip/ advice?

Keep updated with what we (and other environmental groups) do and have planned in the future, come to our Monday meetings, read our newsletters, even come and join our team. Every little thing you do, whether it’s recycling your waste or using a reusable cup for your morning coffee really makes a difference.