Here’s our weekly round up of the stories in the news that are relevant to our campaigns:

RT @dpcarrington: Video: George Osborne’s green dream. Friday fun from RSPB @Natures_Voice #eg
GM wheat? NO THANKS!
Oliver Letwin: environmental rules could be ‘great deal simpler’ – so many contradictions in this!
Funding boost to help restore habitats in West Midlands: – well done Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust!

Energy & Climate Change
What a cheery thing to read at the end of Friday: “Oil prices: 10 reasons to be fearful” – why are we still hooked?
MP @giselastuart to question government over lack of support for community energy:
MT @MartynWilliams2: Telegraph don’t get #renewable subsidies *should* taper – meant to fall as costs come down
RT @Martin_Abrams: Melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters #climate #arctic #emissions
RT @the_ecologist: Are the ‘Big Six’ energy companies blocking renewables in the UK? – we’d say yes.

RT @dpcarrington: Exclusive new data reveals folly of betting UK’s #energy future on #gas over #wind
RT @dpcarrington: UK gives five times more public subsidies to #fossil fuels than to #wind power

RT @digbeth: New DiG blog post, The Future of Localisation and Devolution –
Serious questions for the council to answer about how they’re allowing @QuintainPLC to demolish #saveislandhouse
“Cabinet singles out planning system as ‘blockage’ to growth” Frightening, despite all evidence, they still believe it!
RT @KCSharedSpace: Shared space key to the future of urban centres
RT @RachelGillies: There is now a website for developing a #BalsallHeath Neighbourhood Plan.

RT @AirportWatch: Excellent analysis of airport jobs “Airport jobs false hopes cruel hoax” by Brendon Sewill in 2009:

Green Light for More Noise and Pollution: Sadly Australian & Canadian pension funds invest in climate change and noise.
RT @AirportWatch: AEF reports that global aviation emissions up by 11% in 5 years despite recession:
RT @jrf_uk: Transport poverty is hitting the headlines – it’s time for fair thinking on fuel via@leftfootfwd
“Even if people prefer a 3rd runway to Boris Island, doesn’t mean they like either” excellent blog post by John Stewart

Waste & Resource Use
RT @greenbirmingham: “@GuardianSustBiz: ticking time bomb: minerals/metals scarcity in manufacturing
RT @Greenpeace: Oil companies are risking the future of the Arctic for only 3 years worth of oil. #savethearctic
Who is profiting at the planet’s expense?

Davey promises steady hand and aggressive growth for green sector: – some interesting stuff in here & from #Letwin

Joe Peacock: Finding a new economic path to shape our city of the future: via @birminghampost
Make sure you register here for “City of the Future” public debate. 4 experts will give new hope for a better economy:
We’ve added a blog post about the Sustainability Spring Fair now:
Back Fairtrade Fortnight – and fair prices for British food producers:
FoodCycle Birmingham Need Your Help!
RT @colebagski: I blogged: Streaming council meetings – what’s the point?: #localgov #gov20 – We appreciate it.

“protecting our environment and driving economic prosperity are two sides of the same coin.” @CraigBennett3 – we agree:

New post on our blog “Positive Money is coming to the City of the Future”
Here’s something to whet your appetite for 20th March: via @theneweconomics
This Saturday, Take a Fairtrade step and celebrate Fairmined Gold in the Jewellery Quarter:
Maureen has been volunteering with us for 5 years, so here’s a blog post to say thanks for all she’s done:

West Mids comes 2nd lowest in terms of life satisfaction. Well-being data reveals stark differences across the country:
Full line up of speakers confirmed for our “City of the Future” event: – it will be great so sign up while spaces left.

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