If you want to do something non-cheesy on Valentine’s day, here’s a fundraiser for Northfield’s community orchards:

RT @Earth_News: Hedgerows direct the flight of the bumblebee @guardian

End Monsanto’s campaign of fear and intimidation against America’s farmers @food_democracy Pls RT #stopMonsanto

@scales_project: #biodiversity crisis is worse than #climatechange < or, as flip sides of same coin, as important.

Energy & Climate Change
Please object to E.On’s mega-biomass plans at Ironbridge:

“Once, men abused slaves. Now we abuse fossil fuels” Jean Francois Mouhot former climate campaigner here in Guardian:

Chris Huhne resignation – Friends of the Earth reaction:

RT @Modern_Greenery As FoE & others have long asserted: Ministers ‘misled MPs over need for nuclear power stations’ –

RT @heatoreat: have u played heat or eat yet? #fuelpoverty #climatechange

RT @vickihird: Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds | Climate Central

RT @dpcarrington: EC says cost of upping CO2 cuts 20 to 25% is €18bn. Savings in fuel costs €20bn + less air pollution

Portas Review Looks To High Street Renaissance – Great article from one of our new volunteers, Raquel:

Support small entrepreneurs, not retail giants – our letter in yesterday’s @birminghampost:

It looks like we actually have until 23.02.2012 to respond to section 106 consultation on #saveislandhouse

The council is to raise Wholesale Market service charges by 50%:

RT @neilelkes: #saveislandhouse protest not flattering as we were all blinded by the sun – still cold, though.

Here’s our official statement on #saveislandhouse ahead of Wednesday’s demonstration: (@BhamCommunities)

RT @birminghampost: Birmingham historian Carl Chinn joins fight to save Island House from demolition #saveislandhouse

RT @wwwfoecouk: MPs warn over UK flood management: Flooding threatens millions of homes next to our coastlines

Huge amount of waste through large retail stores & their “standardisation” – wouldn’t happen in markets: @dpcarrington

Have you emailed your MP to stop supermarket bullying yet?

Successive Birmingham councils finish what the Luftwaffe started: good article on #saveislandhouse by Barbara Panvel

Also, by same author “Cllr Clancy urges council to place the Wholesale Markets at the heart of Birmingham’s economy”:

Another neglected old building: RT @birminghammail: Residents demand action on eyesore Moseley tram office building:

RT @birminghampost: Alister Scott Blog: Will HS2 contribute to a West Midlands brain drain? – good points

New blog post on “New opportunities to do free cycling activities in Birmingham”

MT @AirportWatch: Bankwatch & FoE Europe: EU funds ‘environmentally harmful’ projects including 2 Polish airports.

RT @wwwfoecouk Drop #biofuels targets & invest in transport solutions that save fuel AND cash, says Kenneth Richter:

The Times support 20mph speed limits for all residential areas where there are no cyle lanes. #cyclesense #20splenty

RT @AirportWatch: poor environment, not lack of airport capacity, threatens London’s status as top city to do business:

MT @brumcyclist: Road rage driver got £25 fine and 2 week driving ban for abusing cyclist:

When do we get ours? RT @thisbigcity: New Post: Five Cities with Bus Rapid Transit Systems #urban #cities

More public money invested into Birmingham Airport? Already far too much:

Eco-damaging white elephant RT @paulmdale: Brum Airport extension A45 Corridor improvements on verge of final approval.

Waste & Resource Use
An update on how our waste campaign has been going:

RT @poshbirdlikeyou: Eric Pickles banging on about chicken tikka masala again! >waste of money. Invest in solutions.

Northern Ireland follows its neighbours with a plastic bag tax. When will it come to England? Could Brum lead?

Here’s our latest volunteer in the spotlight, Kara Moses, from this month’s newsletter:

RT @digbeth: New DiG blog post, Goodbye Eastside Cafe! –

Gosh we have a hashtag for our regional gathering tomorrow – #foegath – look forward to seeing everyone there.

RT @birminghampost: Birmingham baker Loaf to raise money through ‘bread bonds’ – good one @loafonline

Would you join a coalition for a better economy? A coalition for a great transition?

RT @moveyourmoneyuk: Watch our campaign video see what Mary Poppins has to say about building a better banking system!

“Governments must bring sustainable development to the forefront of their agendas and budgets” – come on then Mr Cameron

Very bad news as much needed: RT @birminghampost: Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau hit by new funding cut

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