Here’s a summary of what’s been in the news across our main campaign areas over the last week:

Bees Butterflies & Blooms on iPlayer great programme explaining why we want to get Britain Buzzing!
The Badger Trust prepares legal challenge on #Badger cull. #Wildlife #Science
Are tuna + mackerel stocks close to collapse? #fish #marine #biodiversity #business #EcosystemServices @ProBiodiversity

“If, God forbid, there were no pollinators it would cost economy £400m pa to substitute for that.” #bees #Rioplus20

George #Osborne is wrong in saying protecting our environment is a burden. #Wildlife and #Countryside Link shows why:

Energy & Climate Change
Well, that’s nice of them! Only1/3: RT @IVSolarUK: DECC predicts a third of UK solar workers will lose their jobs:
Response by @wwwfoecouk to Government announcement on plans to reform solar subsidies:
World’s biggest wind farm opens, but it’s just a drop in the ocean:
RT @powellds: DECC proposal is that tariff rates will fall by ANOTHER 25% – from 21p – as soon as July 2012
RT @wwwfoecouk: Ed Davey speech on energy efficiency – Friends of the Earth reaction: New Energy Secretary…

RT @Good_Energy: BBC #Panorama accepts it should have been clearer that it’s gas prices that are pushing up fuel bills
RT @FOE_Scotland: Every windfarm mapped – and the MPs who hate them | News |

Oil man is new chairman of Carbon Trust – really? How does that work to build trust?
RT @Martin_Abrams: Why Tory MPs opposition to wind power will put your energy bill up: #Wind #Energy #Climate

RT @getgood: Set of pics of Island House covered in plastic today #saveislandhouse
RT @BCCNewsRoom: Consultation on #green guidance for development in Birmingham: #brum #localgov #planning
RT @LocaliseWM: Birmingham City Council – a poor landlord for the Wholesale Markets #supportourmarkets
RT @jonwalker121: Mayoral hopeful Sion Simon on his campaign to protect Birmingham’s wholesale markets >His campaign?
£1 million Government funding announced for ‘Portas Pilots’: our article on Portas review:

RT @AirportWatch: Planes & pollution: Trouble in the air, double on the ground | The Economist
RT @AirportWatch: UK carbon emissions up 3.1% in 2010 compared to 2009. Aviation 6.4% of UK total in 2010.
RT @BBCPolitics: The Times cycling campaign in Commons debate in fortnight. Peers have already debated safety options:
Don’t agree with this at all – re-open stations: RT @the_ecologist: Why closure of lines is vastly preferable to #HS2:

Airport is “morbidly obese gourmand giving up a weekly tube of Smarties & pretending this will help him lose weight.”
Rebel Tory alliance to mount legal challenge to £34bn high-speed rail scheme:
RT @ModeRange: I just asked my councillor to take action on icy, slippery streets via @livingstreets

Waste & Resource Use
Designing out waste is not only at the core of a circular economy but crucial in society’s transition towards it:
Terrapins thrown in rubbish are rescued from waste plant: – good job it wasn’t an incinerator – would’ve had no chance!
RT @James_BG: So has Pickles u-turned on bin collections or was it always going to be more progressive than it sounded?

For people who want to be kept informed about our “City of the Future” public debate, sign up on facebook:
MT @LocaliseWM: Call for up to £70bn Green Quantitative Easing to stabilise flagging UK economy: Agree
MT @escapethecheese: Escape Valentine’s day & raise money to help @northfieldeco plant trees at @urbancoffeeco on 14th.
Are we going to get a bill for a supermarket adjudicator as recommended by the competition commission?
Good work Roger. Thanks for backing our ask RT @RogerGodsiff I call for supermarket watchdog in the next Queen’s Speech
Read about our exciting public debate coming up in March: Cities of the Future:
RT @jrf_uk: ‘Why economic inequality leads to collapse’ via @guardian
New blog post about the West Midlands regional gathering on Saturday: #foegath

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