Here’s our weekly look at what’s been in the news and is relevant to our campaigns interests:

MT @pauldezylva: Tipping point for honey #bees nears: – Is a techno-fix ready to pollinate crops when #bees go? No?

RT @PlanBee1: If anyone is worried about wildlife appearing early in their garden, this gives some tips on how to help:

RT @marinetuk: Tuna stocks continue to plunge globally:

RT @purplelionness: Petition against Ethiopian Land grab, please sign
RT @pauldezylva: Are #pesticides the cause of the huge decline in #bees after all? via @motherjones
RT @northfieldeco: In Northfield? Love the local park? Info about volunteer projects in Victoria Common, 7pm Wed 11 Jan

Energy & Climate Change
RT @neilelkes: Cllrs trying to work out how city will meet ambitious carbon reduction targets by 2026. Not very clear at all from reports.

Our view on what govt should do on solar #FITs as we go to court again! In @guardianeco:
That does sound good: RT @MikeChilds1: I love how clever and flexible you can be with solar, great example here: tp://
Have you got something like this for Brum? MT @Andy2Atkins: Mini Stern review for Low Carbon Leeds region
RT @leohickman: UK’s solar capacity grew 10-fold in 2011 >>despite FITs mess but from v low base

Average Brit uses a Kenyan’s annual carbon emissions by 13 January:
Friday the thirteenth will hopefully be unlucky for the government:
All power to the wind – it cuts your electricity bills:
RT @adamvaughan_uk: Cuadrilla gets licenses to drill for shale gas in Sussex, Surrey and Kent – trouble ahead!!

Fair trade shop Shared Earth to close Birmingham store as company faces liquidation: – very sad.
New Eastside “Masterplan” on the Big City Plan website: We’re looking at it, but would love to hear your thoughts.

This data blog about savings on journeys times doesn’t seem to recognise the time getting to #HS2 station from others:

RT @digbeth: New DiG blog post, #HS2 and Digbeth/Eastside –
Please stop this awful idea! MT @mullaney3: a short section of railings by Asda, subject to consultation, will be installed by end of March
Evidence about use of railing guards making streets more dangerous courtesy of @livingstreets
Lufthansa’s bio-fuelled fantasy finally grounded: -we imagine many other similar ones realise it’s not sustainable, too
MT @RennieConsult: Short video about why dropped kerbs so important to me & wheelchair users – brilliant & parents with prams!
Useful website. This website works out how CO2 from your flight compares to heating, car use, electricity:

MT @guardianeco: Ryanair adds 25p for “eco-looney tax” to fares – that’ll really mess up their “cheap” fares!
RT @jonwalker121: The public consultation into #hs2 came out two to one against the scheme
Surely not: RT @guardianeco: Airlines could net £1.6bn windfall from EU carbon trading scheme, report says
RT @birminghampost: Alister Scott Blog: The planning headaches facing HS2 – excellent piece highlighting key issues.
Here’s our press release on the #HS2 announcement “High Speed? How do we get to the station?”:
Thought it’d never happen! RT @BirminghamPress: Public transport users finally able to use easier way of buying tickets:

Waste & Resource Use
Industry calls for more ambitious Waste Strategy as resource shortages threaten:

If you buy this track, we get a share of the profits – enjoy:
Birmingham: Eco tourism destination for the week!

Thanks to @SWMtweet for putting up a couple of new volunteer positions with us on their website:

“The Green Economy – which way to look in 2012”: – It’s clear that we need to explain better economic models.
Good to see @warehousecafeuk and @loafonline getting some recognition for their part in Brum’s food renaissance:
Response by @CraigBennett3 to @GregBarkerMP “environmental Taliban”+ @ZacGoldsmith asking greens to praise Govt:

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